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A great web page involves more than lots of colorful graphics. To implement a strategy for communicating your message efficiently over the Internet, the design of an efficient web page involves the identification of purpose, objective, and audience. The web page design should allow for fast-loading times, be cross-browser compatible, and convey your message in a pleasant manner. In most cases, the web page should offer helpful information that continuously is updated so that the reader returns to the website often. Besides advertising your product, it is important that the visitor to your website feel that he or she has "learned" something new by reading your website information. Simply describing an organizational mission statement and how to contact your organization is not sufficient in today's competitive world.

For many years, A.S.L. & Associates has worked with its clients to develop Internet strategies that result in web pages that integrate its clients' messages with creative design. Our clients have been pleased with our efficient Internet communication strategy. We specialize in both technical as well as general Internet outreach communication strategies. A.S.L. & Associates is a world leader in experimenting with ways to communicate effectively both simple and complex concepts. Some of our Internet outreach communication examples are listed below.

Examples of Our Creatively Designed Web Pages

Queenstown, New Zealand Violin
Summer School


A.S.L. & Associates

Kevin A. Lefohn
Professional Performing Violinist
Christchurch, New Zealand

We look forward to helping you implement an Internet outreach communication strategy for your business. For further information, please contact us at

A.S.L. & Associates
302 North Last Chance Gulch
Suite 410
Helena, Montana 59601

We look forward to serving you.

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